Asked Questions


How does Xasa work?

Xasa is a search engine for businesses looking for specific services. These
services can be in the form of procurement, enterprise and supplier
development opportunities and are all encompassed in what we call our
online market platform. All you do is:

  • come onto our site,
  • plug in the specific parameters of your search
  • and you receive a short list of all the companies that meet your search requirements whose profiles you can access for further company details

Should you require further due diligence on interested candidates, you can contact Xasa directy.


What services does Xasa offer?

Xasa enables businesses that:

  • are searching for a service provider (deemed a services seeker)
  • wish to publish procurement opportunities in the form of a tendering process (deemed to be the Protunist)
  • wish to search for Protunities (i.e. procurement opportunities) that have been published (deemed to be a supplier)
  • are searching for businesses to fund through enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs
  • are searching for funding as part of enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs
  • require services but wish to limit the use of available cash and are willing to barter for services


Can I try it out first?

Definitely, through our browsing functionality you can do pretty much everything but get detailed company information for the services that you are looking for


How do I subscribe?

Very easy, log onto our site and register. Our registration entails a user registration and if you wish to get involved, an additional company registration process.


Can I unsubscribe or cancel my subscription?

Yes, all unsubscribed or cancelled profiles will be removed after 30 days, in hope that you will change your mind and stay with us.


What industries do you cover?

We cover all sectors and industries as the service is to help you find the services you need.


What does it cost?

It is FREE.


What sources do you get your opportunities from?

We refer to all residents of our platform as partners and thus all posted opportunities are directly to the partner.


How will I benefit?
  • You will receive unlimited access to revenue opportunities posted by tenderers
  • You will receive unlimited access to the ‘who I go to’ to implement my B-BBEE strategies relating to procurement and SED
  • You will unlimited access to optimise your businesses cash flow through the use of our bartering community


What are your terms and conditions?

Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions page.

Simply sign up, interact and let Xasa do the rest