About Xasa

Xasa (meaning "to support" in isiXhosa) is a Business to Business solution which connects large and small businesses, both in South Africa and the rest of the continent, with opportunities through an interactive, online market platform. Our aim is to increase access to opportunities for businesses of all sizes, by facilitating the full value chain of trade in South Africa and the continent.

Xasa's solution practically addresses South Africa’s legislative transformation requirements for preferential procurement, enterprise and supplier development, whilst also responding to Africa’s local procurement agenda and the need for greater economic participation by all.

We seek to provide an answer to the:

  • “Who do I go to implement my B-BBEE (only applicable in South Africa), procurement and expansion strategies?” in well-established business; and
  • “How do I access opportunities to grow my business?” in small, medium enterprises.

As a

  • Protunist – You can publish procurement opportunities, which exist in your business, through a bidding or tender process.
  • Supplier – You can search for Protunities that have been published, through a bidding or tender process
  • ESD Funder – You can meet your B-BBEE compliance requirements (in South Africa only) by finding businesses aligned to your strategy who are looking for funding opportunities through enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs.
  • Barterer – You can limit the use of available cash reserves for procurement by finding businesses that require your services in exchange for theirs.

Our Offerings

If you’re a small business, Xasa helps you:

  • Grow your revenue and market share by finding procurement opportunities (which we call “protunities”) across the continent;
  • Improve your cashflow by finding companies that are willing to barter for services with your business; and
  • Drive growth in your business by finding providers of capital and enterprise and supplier development (ESD) opportunities.

If you’re a large business, Xasa helps you:

  • Reduce the hassle and cost of procurement by facilitating your entire procurement process on the platform including advertising, sourcing, shortlisting, due diligence and awarding;
  • Increase shareholder returns by locating potential investment target companies; and
  • Achieve your B-BBEE objectives for ESD and Preferential Procurement.

Our Business to Business marketplace is complimented by our due diligence work, as well as our additional consulting capability for more bespoke requirements.