DIGITAL DISPLAYS (PTY) LTD - Looking for Resellers / Retailers for Face recognition access control (REF #Face recognition units)

We import high quality Face recognizing access control units Advantages: 1. Temperature measurement in full field of view, and temperature anomaly screening. 2. Real-time response to temperature measurement and data analysis to improve the efficiency of temperature measurement 3. Support compensation temperature and alarm temperature Settings to improve monitoring efficiency 4. The device can meet the requirements of face recognition, qr code recognition (optional), id card recognition (optional) and credit card swiping. 5. Smart wide dynamic recognition camera. 6. More than 6 scenarios can be applied to achieve access control, educational attendance, information release, menu display, dish reservation, account recharge, video phone, public resource reservation, Internet of things classroom and other functions. Smart Function: 1. Using a high-performance intelligent processor and a deep learning-based face recognition algorithm, the face capture rate is greatly improved. 2. Support real-time temperature detection and high temperature alarm. 3. Support face optimization, face enhancement and face exposure to improve imaging quality. 4. Supports anti-counterfeiting in vivo, based on facial biometric recognition, which cannot be replaced and copied, eliminating counterfeiting operations. 5. Supports multi-face recognition, multi-ethnic recognition, the largest face recognition mode, and the accuracy rate of face recognition is at the forefront of the industry. 6. Support multiple recognition methods such as swiping and swiping, swiping or swiping, face only, swipe only, etc., to meet various needs. 7. Support for secondary development: Open interface for face recognition algorithm manufacturers and software vendors to add value to applications.

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Thermometer, access control, face recognition
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